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Solar phone booth of the 21st Century

7 juillet 2014
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In 2013, Advansolar, thanks to its triple expertise in electric mobility, solar energy and design & communication, launched a new innovative solution: the SunPod® Nomad.
This booth is equipped with solar panels which feed on-board batteries. It allows charging of all kinds of small electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, cameras …). It is also equipped with a WiFi hotspot, also powered by renewable, free and unlimited solar energy.

At Innovative City, the Smart City trade show which took place on 25th and 26th June in Nice, Advansolar unveiled a new version of SunPod® Nomad: the SunPod® Nomad Mini. This launch is an opportunity to demonstrate Advansolar’s engineering and design expertise and talent. The new version is a concentrate of ingenuity: solar panels are integrated both on the roof and also into the structure itself of the booth. Electrical sockets have been replaced by USB ports, where multi-standard cables can be connected and secured. LiFePO4 batteries garantee an autonomy of 2 to 3 days, in case of very bad weather or in case of an indoor event. The design is very sleek and light, which allows the booth to perfectly fit in the development plans of the cities of tomorrow. The small ‘bar’, in lacquered wood, can be used to lean on while one’s smartphone is charging. It really has the look of the phone booth of the 21st century which inhabitants of smart cities would love to find on each corner!

Innovative City: the perfect opportunity to launch the SunPod® Nomad Mini
In terms of positioning of this innovative solution, the initial focus was on the event industry, which resulted in presence in various fairs and festivals. The strategy was revisited this winter: Advansolar’s management identified a promising new positioning as ‘smart urban furniture’ for the Smart City.

Here is a little reminder on the definition of a ‘Smart City’: a city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement (Source: Wikipedia). When looking at the energy and telecommunication issues, SunPod® Nomad appears to perfectly fit into the scheme of Smart City of Tomorrow.

In recent years, the smartphone has undeniably become the essential tool, at the center of our modern connected lives. Whether for mobile payment services (through NFC technology), for car sharing applications or transport ‘m-tickets’ (boarding passes, etc.), or for – tomorrow – mobile administrative services, it is constantly being used. It is therefore a real issue that its battery is ever completely empty… which unfortunately happens too often. Studies shows that “battery life” is the first point smartphone users complain about. Thus the SunPod® Nomad is positioned as an essential urban furniture for any neighborhood, area or city that wants to be ‘smart’.

A great potential
Through our many discussions in recent months, at the Innovative City trade show in particular, we are comforted in the idea that this innovation has a great potential. First, the ‘event’ market remains very promising: the organizers need a WiFi access, visitors want to stay connected too and recharge their devices, so the SunPod® Nomad is an ideal solution. Secondly, our local representatives want to create public spaces for urban dwellers, make their life easier (= connected), and give them a higher quality of life (= focus on sustainable development): here again, our solution seems to answer a real challenge.
And here is another great opportunity: the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots in smart cities in emerging and developing countries in particular (Africa, Asia and South America). WiFi hotspots could become ‘mobile’ so that one could ‘test’ the WiFI meshing and easily adjust according to demand. Furthermore, in these smart cities of tomorrow, where population growth is almost exponential, a real problem arises: the penetration of smartphones and mobile phones is higher than the electricity. The SunPod® Nomad is definitely an ingenious response to this challenge.

Various projects with the SunPod® Nomad are being discussed with our partners and customers, be it cities or entreprises, projects which we will regularly report in our Blog, so stay tuned!

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